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Micro Switch
  >> Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch(G3)
  >> Sealed Slide switch(G304)
  >> Subminiature waterproof dustproof inching switch(3
  >> Miniature Micro Switch(G6)
  >> 雙斷點微動開關(G606)
  >> Sealed Mini Micro Switche(G9)
  >> Dustproof Mini Micro Switch(G91)
  >> Subminiature Micro Switch(G10)
  >> Basic Micro Switch(G5)
  >> Waterproof Micro Switch(G5W11)
Slide Switch
  >> Sealed Car Slide Switch(G304)
  >> Waterproof Automotive Slide Switch(G306)
Door Switch
  >> Refrigerator Door Switch(SWP)
  >> Zinc Alloy Door Switch(G5D)
Limit Switch
  >> Sealed DPDT Limit Micro Switch (G11)
  >> Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> IP62 Drip-proof Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> IP63 Drip-proof Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> DPDT Limit Micro Switch 2NO+2NC
Mechanical Keyboard Switch
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Black
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Green
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Brown
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Red(GT02)
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Blue
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-2.5mm Travel Black
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-2.5mm Travel Blue(GT04
  >> Ultrathin Mechanical Keyboard Switche-1.8mm Travel
Rotary Switch
  >> Car Rotary Switch(G2)
  >> Swing Rotary Switch (G16)
Tact Switch
  >> Series-Active Seald Tact Switch-180
  >> Series-Active Seald Tact Switch-60
Detector Switch
  >> Rotary Detector Switch(GT01)
Pressure Switch
  >> Air Pressure Switch(GPS100)
  >> Vertical M Type Encoder(GT1000)
  >> Vertical W Type Encoder(GT1001)
  >> 5mm Encoder (GT1005)
  >> 7mm Encoder(GT1007)
  >> 9mm Encoder(GT1009)
  >> 11mm Encoder(GT1011)
  >> 13mm Encoder (GT1013)
Rocker Switch
mobiles phones connector
  >> D3.5mm Earphones Seat
  >> 1.3mm Pitch H0.9 BTB Male

Huizhou Greetech G5W Series Waterproof Micro Switch

In modern society, electronic products and equipments have been updated greatly and rapidly. These modern machines have reshaped people’s life and improve our life quality. These new electronic products and machines greatly push its related industry development. Greetech G5W series micro switch are designed for auto electronics, agricultural equipments and automatic machines.

The G5W waterproof micro switch is not like other switches, it has compact structure with wires and push button. Long wires are well connected with the switch in accord with its application place. At present, waterproof micro switch enjoys more applications in electronic industry. In modern agricultural industry, there are lots of micro switches inside agricultural machines.IP67 G5W waterproof micro switch with wires is a classical components. Whatever change in future, waterproof micro switch will be still the one of indispensable components for the newly-developed machines and equipments. It has electrical rating of being 0.1A 48VDC, 0.1A 125/250VAC; 5A 125/250VAC, 5A 30VDC;10A 125/250VAC and 0.5A 125VDC. Different electrical ratings are designed for different customers’ applications.

Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co.,Ltd is professional in making IP67 rated waterproof micro switch. We have rich micro switch experience and try to meet different requirements of customers from all over the world. It is predicted that these switches will have further application for future machines and equipments. Welcome to contact us for more micro switch options and details.

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