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Micro Switch
  >> Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch(G3)
  >> Sealed Slide switch(G304)
  >> Subminiature waterproof dustproof inching switch(3
  >> Miniature Micro Switch(G6)
  >> 雙斷點微動開關(G606)
  >> Sealed Mini Micro Switche(G9)
  >> Dustproof Mini Micro Switch(G91)
  >> Subminiature Micro Switch(G10)
  >> Basic Micro Switch(G5)
  >> Waterproof Micro Switch(G5W11)
Slide Switch
  >> Sealed Car Slide Switch(G304)
  >> Waterproof Automotive Slide Switch(G306)
Door Switch
  >> Refrigerator Door Switch(SWP)
  >> Zinc Alloy Door Switch(G5D)
Limit Switch
  >> Sealed DPDT Limit Micro Switch (G11)
  >> Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> IP62 Drip-proof Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> IP63 Drip-proof Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> DPDT Limit Micro Switch 2NO+2NC
Mechanical Keyboard Switch
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Black
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Green
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Brown
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Red(GT02)
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Blue
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-2.5mm Travel Black
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-2.5mm Travel Blue(GT04
  >> Ultrathin Mechanical Keyboard Switche-1.8mm Travel
Rotary Switch
  >> Car Rotary Switch(G2)
  >> Swing Rotary Switch (G16)
Tact Switch
  >> Series-Active Seald Tact Switch-180
  >> Series-Active Seald Tact Switch-60
Detector Switch
  >> Rotary Detector Switch(GT01)
Pressure Switch
  >> Air Pressure Switch(GPS100)
  >> Vertical M Type Encoder(GT1000)
  >> Vertical W Type Encoder(GT1001)
  >> 5mm Encoder (GT1005)
  >> 7mm Encoder(GT1007)
  >> 9mm Encoder(GT1009)
  >> 11mm Encoder(GT1011)
  >> 13mm Encoder (GT1013)
Rocker Switch
mobiles phones connector
  >> D3.5mm Earphones Seat
  >> 1.3mm Pitch H0.9 BTB Male

Greetech Achieves United States New Patent Certificate

In the recent, a good news coming from United States Patent and Trademark Office manifests that Greetech GT08 and GT11 ultra-thin mechanical keyboard switch have been awarded New Invention patent. For now, there are 184 patents in total, including 24 invention patents.




The United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO or USPTO for short) was established in 1802, is an organization under the US Department of Commerce, which is mainly responsible for inventors and their related inventions, providing the service of patent protection, trademark registration and intellectual property certification.



Greetech new patent products: GT08 and GT11 ultra-thin mechanical keyboard switches are mainly applied for ultra-thin notebook keyboards and gaming notebook keyboards. The switches have a long life and are resistant to hitting, which can reach more than to 30 million times. In addition, the overall height of the switch is small and the travel is short, they are 1.2mm travel, 1.5mm travel, 2.5mm travel, and 3.5mm travel respectively. The travel is close to the thin notebook membrane keyboard, making the notebook lighter and thinner, which meets consumers ‘requirement for compact and ultra-thin notebook. Compared with membrane keyboard trigger response, the switch is added smooth natural mechanical touch feeling and hitting sound, which will be more sensitive and reliable and favored by consumers.



The gain of this patent further strengths Greetech leading role in switches development technology and also greatly pushes our company’s technology revolution. We have successfully achieved plenty of patens so far, which means Greetch intellectual property rights and achievements have been recognized by international authoritative institution, which greatly improve company’s core competence and industry position and further enhance Greetech brand awareness. 




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