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Micro Switch
  >> Subminiature Sealed Micro Switch(G3)
  >> Sealed Slide switch(G304)
  >> Subminiature waterproof dustproof inching switch(3
  >> Miniature Micro Switch(G6)
  >> 雙斷點微動開關(G606)
  >> Sealed Mini Micro Switche(G9)
  >> Dustproof Mini Micro Switch(G91)
  >> Subminiature Micro Switch(G10)
  >> Basic Micro Switch(G5)
  >> Waterproof Micro Switch(G5W11)
Slide Switch
  >> Sealed Car Slide Switch(G304)
  >> Waterproof Automotive Slide Switch(G306)
Door Switch
  >> Refrigerator Door Switch(SWP)
  >> Zinc Alloy Door Switch(G5D)
Limit Switch
  >> Sealed DPDT Limit Micro Switch (G11)
  >> Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> IP62 Drip-proof Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> IP63 Drip-proof Large Basic Limit Switch(G12)
  >> DPDT Limit Micro Switch 2NO+2NC
Mechanical Keyboard Switch
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Black
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Green
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Brown
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Red(GT02)
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-4mm Travel Blue
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-2.5mm Travel Black
  >> Mechanical Keyboard Switche-2.5mm Travel Blue(GT04
  >> Ultrathin Mechanical Keyboard Switche-1.8mm Travel
Rotary Switch
  >> Car Rotary Switch(G2)
  >> Swing Rotary Switch (G16)
Tact Switch
  >> Series-Active Seald Tact Switch-180
  >> Series-Active Seald Tact Switch-60
Detector Switch
  >> Rotary Detector Switch(GT01)
Pressure Switch
  >> Air Pressure Switch(GPS100)
  >> Vertical M Type Encoder(GT1000)
  >> Vertical W Type Encoder(GT1001)
  >> 5mm Encoder (GT1005)
  >> 7mm Encoder(GT1007)
  >> 9mm Encoder(GT1009)
  >> 11mm Encoder(GT1011)
  >> 13mm Encoder (GT1013)
Rocker Switch
mobiles phones connector
  >> D3.5mm Earphones Seat
  >> 1.3mm Pitch H0.9 BTB Male

Huizhou Greetech Fire Extinguishing Training

In order to further improve the safety awareness of all employees, effectively strengthen the company's safety of production and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of all employees, Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd. organized safety team to conduct “Fire Safety Training” activities on July 25, 2018.

Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd. adheres to the quality policy of “Safe Production Is Guarantee” and insists on putting safety production first. The management of the company attaches great importance to safety production management. In addition to the establishment of a safety team to publicize safety fire prevention management, the company will hold two actual fire drills for all employees and safety training for each new staff. It can be seen that Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to safety production and the perfection of safety fire protection.

The training is based on the concept of “Violation is illegal, Safety is happiness”, strengthening the sense of responsibility for safety work. We attach great importance to implement the safety production responsibility system for all employees, gradually improving employee safety awareness and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. We take "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management" as our safety production policy.

The alarm bell is always warning and safety production is eternal subject for enterprise. We must realize that "Safety for production and production must be safe." Safety production is related to the stability of enterprises and the safety of employees. We must take safety work firmly in hand to realize company stability, development and profits.

Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech Hong Kong-funded enterprise in Guangdong Province. As a large-scale micro switches production and manufacturing service provider in China, Greetech has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in the electronic component industry. Our business covers: precision micro switch, automotive switch, waterproof micro switch and all kinds of precision metal and plastic electronic component products. Welcome to contact us if you have micro switch and automotive switches requirements.

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